Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thrift shopping as therapy

Thrift shopping/hunting/picking has always been effective therapy for me -- how about you? The temporary job I'm working at now takes me close by two wonderful thrift stores in town; I try to only succumb to the urge once a week.  Here's what I've been finding:
 Beautiful bunches of paper flowers, tagged made in Japan
 Seasonal Vera scarves...
 Including this one that says, Greetings, which I never even knew existed!

 This crocheted and stitched vintage baby blanket, which melts my heart!
Ball quilted jelly jars from the 1970's!

 For Christmas crafting!

 I'm a sucker for scrappy pink glass!

 Someone hand crafted those feathers -- aren't they fun?
 This tiny guy is going to star in a future Valentine art piece!
I couldn't pass up the ampersands -- and the dollar sign will, I'm sure, come in handy!
 I almost left his flower arrangement behind -- but then decided to bring it home and salvage the beaded flowers.
 Once they were cleaned and sorted, I came away with so many more than I had expected!

And, feast your eyes on my most recent, favorite vintage fabric find!
A great deal of the above is already listed in my Etsy shop!
It's a joy to make these treasures available to the junk-loving public!
And then there was this estate sale I went to on my lunch hour...
 It could really be its own, separate post, but here you go anyway...

 A play from another era...

  I've always wanted to find an old telegram!
  I adore San Francisco ephemera!

 Throw in some bling, and you know you've got my attention!

 Ah...even the re-living is therapeutic!
It's almost time for vintage Christmas!  I can hardly wait!
Who else is getting excited?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vintage Crafter's Cafe Ephemera Swap

I belong to a group on Facebook called Vintage Crafter's Cafe; it's a bunch of like-minded people who love to create with old stuff!  (If interested, I can ask to add you to the group -- just let me know via email!)  I showed you the pin cushion swap we recently did, and we just finished swapping ephemera with a partner.  Here's what I sent her:
 All wrapped up in a vintage legal sized parchment sheet, wrapped with a wide fabric ribbon and closed with an old index holder from a file!
 The thing wrapped in wax paper at the top is an old paper collar!

 I included a sweet, handwritten letter from a girl to her dad who was away at war, and one from a man who was a stamp collector, along with his stamps!
I really love that photo of the young man, probably from college, in its fancy folder.
I put the items in separate bags and holders, for maximum "opening" fun!
Swapping can really be a joy.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mid Mod Christmas Treasures: Berggren Trayner 12 Days of Christmas

I was so excited to find this COMPLETE SET of vintage 12 Days of Christmas tiles by Berggren! You can read a little bit about these very popular artists here; no doubt you'll immediately recognize their iconic style from your childhood, or, from thrift store shelves!

I can't afford to keep them right now, so they're offered for sale in my shop.  But before I let them go, I had to preserve them for myself in photos -- and share them with you!  So, here you go: a rare look at a mid century modern, vintage treasure:

One of my favorite things about these tiles is how Berggren has interpreted each of the folk song's images so cleverly -- for example, the way the drummers and dancers are differently dressed and have different props.  And the birds also have their own distinct personalities and seem to be interacting with each other! It's so modern and yet so old-fashioned, and whimsical!

If you look as the days go on, all of the characters are added to the tiles, until they start to spill over onto the golden border.  I also love how the last day has the little "Finis" sign!

I hope you've enjoyed this, and, lest you think I'm talking Christmas too early, just know that there are less than 100 days until we're celebrating this year!